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PingMaster 5000: Top 5 Highlights

Our GPS wireless tracker outclasses all other wireless trackers with its pioneering motion-sensing technology and extra long battery life.

Instant Theft Alerts
#1: Instant Theft Alerts

No other wireless tracker can:

  • Detect theft instantly. The PingMaster5000 has MoveGuard motion-sensing technology, which enables it to react to a theft as it happens
  • Other trackers react to theft only after the tracker wakes up on its next scheduled ping (up to a full day after the theft)
  • Our "One-touch Security" feature lets users arm the tracker like a car alarm, so if their trailer moves while the alarm is armed, the tracker instantly alerts the user and shifts into aggressive tracking mode automatically. Usable from the mobile app on iPhone or Android.
Instant Theft Alerts
#2: MoveGuard Motion-Sensing Technology

Our pioneering motion-sensing technology will ignore unimportant movement like yard moves or gusts of wind, so you'll only receive alerts for important movement that you care about, like theft, deliveries, stop-times, etc. You can also create a perimeter "geofence" around any important area to monitor, like your yard, home, or a trip destination. As soon as the tracker exits or enters the geofence, you will automatically receive an alert, and the tracker can automatically reset to a different tracking interval.

You'll see with every ping if the trailer is parked (and for how long) or if it is in-motion (and in which direction, and at what speed). No other wireless tracker can do all this!

#3: Extra Long Battery - Guaranteed for 5000 pings

Industry-leading 5000+ ping guaranteed battery life, which is over 12 years on 1 ping per day (or about 7 years on 2 pings per day). That's more than twice what competitors' trackers offer. This means that our tracker will last longer, while providing better monitoring and alerts. You can easily change the ping settings on our app, from 1 ping per day to a ping every 5 mins.

GPS Provider Battery pings 1 Ping per day 2 Ping per day 4 pings per hour 6 Pings per hour
PingMaster 5000 5000 Over 12+ Years About 7 years 52 days 35 days
Competitor 1825 5 Years 2 and 1/2 Years 19 days NA
Geofence Fleet
#4: Departure and Arrival Reports

Now you can easily track :

  • Which trailers are out for delivery to pick up or drop off a load
  • Verify every delivery with a 3rd party GPS timestamp
  • Start and stop times of employee shifts and breaks
GPS Triangulaiton
#5: Unique in the Market

Cellular Triangulation Mode When There Is No GPS: receive approximate location information when other trackers cannot offer any location, like when the tracker is indoors or out of range of satellites, based on the nearest cell phone towers.

Install Installation and Low Profile: Just place the trackers instantly on trailers in seconds. It's profile is only
3.6 in X 3.3 in X 1.3 in

24/7 Tech Support: 365 days/year

GPS Triangulation

Gps Trailer Trackers & Asset Tracking Solutions

We provide user friendly and economical solutions to asset and GPS trailer tracking, thereby providing revolutionary affordable and straightforward solutions to individuals and companies. We also provide expert and timely technical and customer support; continuously adapting and adjusting to each individual and company’s unique needs.

Industry Best Trailer Tracking Solution

Our GPS Trackers provide solution to efficiently manage your fleet and monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our GPS trailer tracking system can help decrease cost and improve the overall productivity of your trailer.

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GeoFence Push Notification
  • Get instant email/text alerts
  • Realtime geofence in and out alerts
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Manage the geofence radius in a click
  • Allocate different geofences to each vehicle
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Create your own subgroups for your loved one or teammates
  • Create your own subgroups for your loved ones or teammates
  • Create unlimited Subgroups
  • Facility to add new users to platform with individual logins
  • Subgroups can allocate particular vehicles to their list
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All new dashboard with user friendly UI
  • Easy to use
  • Create unlimited Subgroups
  • Adaptable to any IOS/Android devices
  • Uniquely Featured and analytically loaded
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Vehicle safety score reports
  • Total miles driven
  • Miles driven at or above 80 mph
  • Hard or extreme breaking activity
  • Time spent driving very late at night
  • Monitor and generate driver behavior reports easily


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Tracking Platform
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Tracking History
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Travel Log Report

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The Best GPS Trailer Tracker Ever!

The Pingmaster5000 lets you....

  • Get Instant Theft Alerts
  • See Pinpoint Location Reports up to every 5 mins in HotPursuit Mode
  • Access Driver Starts & Stops (on deliveries or breaks)
  • See which trailers are Parked, and for how long
  • See which trailers are Moving, with their speed and direction of travel
  • Know when trailers Leave or Reach Designated Areas
  • Track Maintenance Needs


The Pingmaster Trailer Tracker gives an unprecedented 5000-ping battery life - Guaranteed! It's also designed to withstand severe weather conditions and extreme temperatures between -40F and 195F. This waterproof and ruggedized tracker has an IP67 rating

Predict Usage, Ensure Timely Maintenance

Ensure highest trailer utilization for all your trailers and assets. Ensure timely and prompt maintenance to prevent. Use our Maintenance Monitor to schedule and review historical maintenance. Use color coded in field mapping technology to ensure maintenance of actively used equipment

Instant Installation

You can install these trackers instantly. Literally takes seconds to set in place with the powerful bulit-in magnets (or use the 4 built-in eyelets for screws or straps)