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How the PingMaster 5000 Compares to Other Trackers

We are proud of the PingMaster 5000 because it has the longest battery life and most pings of any wireless GPS tracker on the market. The more pings a tracker has, the more it can do for you - such as stand guard over your trailer or other assets, and alert you the moment it starts moving out of your yard or sales lot.

Ping Per Day Comparison

Because the PingMaster 5000 has more pings (reports) than any tracker, it can last for years. In the case of a theft or needing to repo an asset if a debtor defaults on their loan, you can immediately monitor it's location with pings as frequent as every 10 minutes. People can usually recover their stolen or repo'd trailer the same day!

GPS Provider Battery pings 1 Ping per day 2 Ping per day 4 Pings per hour 6 Pings per hour
PingMaster 5000 5000 Over 12+ Years About 7 years 52 days 35 days
Competitor 1825 5 Years 2 and 1/2 Years 19 days NA
The PingMaster 5000 Compared to Other Trackers
How Our Tracker is Unlike Any Other
Matrack Wireless Tracker Other Trackers
Battery Capacity 5,000 reports (pings) 1825 pings
Battery Lifetime 8 Years - (2 pings/day)
10+ Years (1 ping/day)
2.5 Years - (2 ping/day)
5 Years (1 ping/day)
Theft Alerts Instant text and email alerts. Automatic switch to 5-10min pings Only at next day email alerts. Automatic switch to Switch by hand to 5-10 min pings
Motion-Sensing Yes, at no extra charge. Provides Speed, Direction, Starts/Stops, Custom programming filters out false theft Rarely, Motion-Sensing models cost more and often give false theft alerts (for yard moves, gusts of wind, etc.)
Back-up Cellular Locating Yes, when GPS satellite is poor No

We have spoken with a number of dealers who were using trackers from competitors who learned the hard way that it didn't provide the protection they needed. For example, one of our dealers had a trailer stolen that had a competitor's tracker on it. When he realized the trailer was stolen, he had to wait over 20 hours until the tracker's next scheduled ping to find it's location. By the time the tracker pinged, the thief had discovered the tracker and threw it in a ditch. Our tracker Immediately notifies of theft via text and email and automatically goes into Hot Pursuit Mode, with pings every 5, 10, or 15 mins. This makes trailer recovery quicker and more efficient for you or the authorities.