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Wholesale Prices for the PingMaster 5000
Subscription Service Wholesale MSRP
2-Years (includes tracker) $159 $229 - 349
3-Years (includes tracker) $179 $299 - 399
4-Years (includes tracker) $199 $350 - 499

Gps Trailer Trackers & Asset Tracking Solutions We provide user friendly and economical solutions to asset and GPS trailer tracking, thereby providing revolutionary affordable and straightforward solutions to individuals and companies. We also provide expert and timely technical and customer support; continuously adapting and adjusting to each individual and company’s unique needs.

Using the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices, you can mark-up the trackers by $100-$300 each, depending on the subscription term purchased and your desired profit margin. Many dealers are selling the 3-year for $350 each.

Additional years can easily be added anytime after the initial sale for $29.95 per year. You can charge your customers anywhere from $50 - $100 for each additional year.