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Activating Your Customers' New Trackers
STEP 1: Sell it.Charge your customer your preferred price (see MSRPs here)
STEP 2: Activate it. Once the simple activation form is submitted using the button above, your customer will be able to track their tracker on our online software or mobile app, and your part will be done! The form can be completed and submitted by the customer themselves, if you prefer . Note, however, that you will no longer be able to see any information about their tracker on your account at that point. Your customer will receive an email from with their login info, which they can change to protect their privacy, if they wish.
OPTIONAL: Install it. You may wish to help your customer install their tracker instantly with the built-in magnets (or using the built-in screw holes revealed when the magnetic plate is removed). You can conceal it anywhere, even under the trailer chassis, as long as it is not enclosed by metal on all sides.
SUMMARY: When selling one or more trackers, simply charge your customer your preferred price at the point-of-sale and use the button above to activate their new account, keeping in mind the 2 steps shown above. The activation process only takes about 2-3 minutes. You might also wish to help a customer install their tracker if needed, since they install instantly with their built-in magnets.