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Common Uses and Types of Customers that Love the PingMaster5000

Concerned about Theft: Dealers that want to protect their trailers and other equipment from theft while it is still on the sales lot, and customers concerned about theft. Our innovative motion-sensing technology can detect a theft instantly, rather than detecting the theft only after the tracker wakes up again hours later for its next scheduled ping (as other trackers do). Our tracker also filters out yard moves, fuel stops, and other detections of movement that you will want to ignore.

Fleet Owners that Rent or Lease their trailers and equipment to others and want to track it's exact location and mileage, and if the trailer or equipment has entered a "no-go zone", which you can set up with a virtual geo-fence and alerts.

Businesses that have employees who drive their trailers and want to track the start and end times for paying wages, mileage, breaks, etc.

Pick Up and Deliveries: They want to track their driver's arrival and departure times for noting the exact time a load was picked up and dropped off.

Your Lender Partners: Finance companies or Floor Plan Lenders want the security of a tracker on their financed trailers, and our motion-sensing tracker with its long battery life can greatly increase repo recovery rates. Please let us know if you'd like to connect us with any of your partner lenders or in-house leasing department.